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If you have been invited to book this exciting opportunity then firstly let us say a huge CONGRATULATIONS! SUCCESSFUL applicants are able to attend our exclusive INVITED ONLY workshop.
Headed up by the amazing Cheryl Hughes this is an experience those lucky enough to be invited to will hugely benefit from.
Don’t fall into the trap of so many inexperienced people…Don’t waste several hundred or even thousands of pounds on a 'portfolio' which will never get you work. Get the true facts on a professional career from a real industry guru with over 25 years experience and owner of one of the EU's largest modelling agencies for 28 years.
Learn how to be prepared and how to WIN at castings. Be guided by experts and be the best YOU can be!
The unprepared FAIL but with the right development and know how, you can join the ranks of the WINNERS.
This exclusive invite only workshop will take place on SUNDAY 8th April 2018 from 2pm to 4pm in Banbury. Full details will be sent upon booking.
Please note - there are no other dates
or locations available for this. It is a fixed date for the workshop.
We have placed it on a Sunday as this is the most viable day for
everyone to attend in line with work and home commitments for you.Fee £35 per person (plus PayPal transaction charge).
Numbers are limited so book as soon as you have received our email inviting you as a successful applicant. This is a NON REFUNDABLE fee. By booking you are taking a place available on the training day which should you fail to attend could have been utilised by another candidate. We cannot refund your fee under any circumstances.